Academic details


75% attendance is a must for every student for promotion. If the student is absent for more than three consecutive days. He/She should submit documents stating his/her reasons of absence to the Principal.

Regular attendance at school is in the interest of the student. It builds up a sense of devotion to duty and a habit for regularity and discipline.

The students should arrive on time to the school. Parent's co-operation will be must appreciated so that punctuality may be ensured.


In case a student has to be withdrawn before the end of the academic year, prior to the withdrawal the fee of the term has to be cleared.

Should a pupil be removed from the school no certificate will be granted until all dues to the school have been paid.

Application for a Transfer certificate has to be made in writing to the Principal. This must be collected from the school office and signed fee Rs. 100/- is to be paid. Duplicate copies of Transfer Certificates will be issued.

Other Certificates will be issued against a written application and notice of three days must be given.