Rules & Regulations

1. Pupils are expected to regularly prepare their lessons & do their homework. Those who have not done their home work will not be allowed to sit in the class.
2. It is obligatory to wear the uniform prescribed for the season on class days and at school functions. Those who are not correctly dressed in conformity with the regulation of the school will not be admitted to the class.
3. Except for reasons of ill-health and unavoidable circumstances, a previous written application from the guardians is required for any leave absence. If any pupil has been absent for more than three days, he/she should not enter the class without first obtaining permission from the Principal.
4. Any pupil who absents himself/herself for one calendar month/ without a written permission from the Principal shall have his/ her name struck off the rolls. To be-readmitted he/she will have to pay fresh admission fees as well as all fees for the said period of absence.
5. 75% of attendance in a class is required for promotion to the next higher class. On medical grounds another 10% of attendance may be considered for promotion.
6. Those who do not report to class for one week after the vacations will have their names struck off the rolls. The Principal reserves the right to consider applications for the readmission of such pupils.
7. Pupils should treat their classrooms as sacred places. They are expected to maintain silence and order in the classrooms. Those who disturb the class will be sent out of the classroom. During the absence of the teacher from the class, Pupils must obey the monitor appointed to maintain good order.
8. Running, playing or shouting in the school building are not permitted. During the class hours pupils should move along the corridors in silence and in order.
9. Participation in games, physical training, cultural activities and socially useful productive works are compulsory. Exemption will be granted on medical grounds only.
10. Books, cardigans, tiffin boxes, water bottles etc. belonging to the pupils should bear the name of the owner. The school does not hold itself responsible for articles lost in the school premises
11. Pupils are not allowed to buy, sell or exchange any articles among themselves in the school premises.
12. No one should write on the furniture or walls or damage any school article. Damage by accident should be reported to the principal at once. Any damage caused to school property or the property of another student must be made good.
13. Pupils shall not circulate books, magazines or periodicals in the school without the permission of the principal.
14. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, theft, dishonesty, immoral conduct, in subordination, neglect of home work, disobedience or disrespect towards the members of the staff, unruly behavior or immoral influence justify dismissal.
15. English should be spoken in the school and in the school premises at all times in order to acquire fluency in speaking the language.
16. Certificates will be issued only three days after the application has been submitted to the office. A fee of Rs. 50/- will be charged for any extract from the school register.
17. Without the written permission from the Principal pupils will not be allowed to leave the school during school hours.
18. Pupils of this school are not permitted to bring Mobile Phones, Electronic gadgets, unauthorized CDs, Fancy watches, Gold ornaments and other valuable goods to the school at any time.
19. Other children should set a good example to the younger children.
20. Usage of the bathrooms to be restricted only at the break time. Unless it is an emergency.
21.All litters should be put in the bins provided before we say the final prayers daily.
22. Students must use only good, decent and positive words at all times.
23. Students must not waste electricity and water.
24. Students are to be quiet and orderly and observe proper decorum during school events such as assemblies, celebrations, and special while leaving the classroom daily.
25. Students are to stand up and greet the teacher before and after every class.
26. Pants and skirts must be buttoned up properly and shirts be tucked in decently. Finger nails are to be short and unpainted and hair properly combed.
27. Male students must be neat in appearance. Girls must use hair accessories such as hair bands and clips, which are to be red. Girls skirts must be up to the knees, socks pulled up to the knees and hair neatly combed and made into one or two plaits.
28. Tatoos are not allowed, chewing gum, gutka or any other addictive drugs bringing or using in the school premises or in the school bus can result in serious action.
29. Students are not allowed to post any indecent comments about the school, staff or students, or post photos in any form in any website.
30. Students are not to use gel on hair or color their hair. Any student showing disrespect to the staff at any time will have to face serious consequences.