Our mission & vission

God envisions the well-being of the whole of creation and ensures an ongoing healing, wholeness and transformation of our unjust and fragmented world through human interventions. The Mission of Jesus Christ is to restore the integrity of God's original creation, both human and material and thus build the kingdom of God on earth. Our vision is the same as the vision of Jesus- that all may have life and have it in abundance. God created everything good. Our school is a place where the students get in opportunity and a responsibility to engage in a challenging, academic environment which also develops the spiritual, emotional and physical attributes of the individual, while recognizing the goodness in others. Education, by its very nature is a transformative learning process, namely changing human persons, and through them, society and its structures. This activity of school learning is academic social/ civic and personal. It is a spiritual, humanizing and liberating activity and constitutes the core mission of Education. In the knowledge society that is emerging, 'quality education' serves as the gateway to the socio- cultural and economic development of persons and of the world.

OUR MISSION in Education is therefore to provide:
1. An education of quality and relevance to all, and in particular, to the  marginalized sections of society.
2. An education that frees persons from the social/cultural conditioning (such as caste, class, gender and other culture-linked prejudices) which prevents them from living as free persons; and which. Instead, enables them to see life as vocation and as a gift, and which enables them to make free and considered choices in the key areas that affect their personal lives, communities and society;
3. An education that leads the young into the sacred space of every human person making them aware of the inalienable human rights of every group.
4. An education that humanizes and contextualizes, by assisting the students to raise essential questions concerning the meaning of life and of their role in the society;
5. An education that forms the hearts and minds of the students preparing them to be world class citizens;
6. An education that makes students, teachers and parents self motivated agents of social change.

In keeping with Holy Cross charism of education, we shall avoid no sacrifices, and leave no stones unturned in providing holistic and quality educational opportunities to the young entrusted to our care, who hail from a wide range of backgrounds: social, intellectual, economic, ethnic and religious, who possess a wide range of talents and abilities. "We shall always place education side by side with instruction; the mind will not be cultivated at the expense of the heart". With zeal, we shall strive to form informed and useful citizens of the earthly society with heavenly values, and integrated morality. While striving to form excellent persons through our mission of education, we shall try " to blend gentleness with firmness, prudence and vigilance, which is the secret of successful education