Covid - 19 Relief Work- Holy Cross School Kathalcherra

Covid - 19 Relief Work- Holy Cross School Kathalcherra


The Holy Cross Centre kathalcherra is a unit of the Holy Cross Educational Foundation. The center is located 4 km away from the national high way-8 from the 82 miles. There are more that 3000 thousand poor families in and around the centre.

�The ongoing pandemic COVID-19 is putting the world in to darkness of hope. There are many countries affected by this deadly Virus. The responsible government of every nation is trying their best to secure its citizens. Everyone is actively involved to protect each other. Having evaluated the nature of the pandemic the government has called for 21 days of lockdown in India since last week of March-2020. However due to the lockdown there are many farmers and daily wage workers cannot go out to earn their livelihood as a result scarcity of food is seen the  family. There are many poor families has started to go to bed without a proper meal. The Holy Cross Mission in Kathalcherra having read the signs of the time of the ongoing situation identified some families to extend generous help.

On 09/04/2020 Thursday Holy Cross Mission Kathalcherra with the help of KCYM and Maria Songo organized a food grain distribution program to the needy people in different villages. There were around 100 enlisted families who deserved such food grain.  With the help of local PS personal we distributed rice, daal and potatoes to the following villages:

We are grateful to everyone who helped us in this venture.

Name of the villages:


1.� Montujoy Reang

2.� Sumita Reang

3.� Khataram Reang

4.� Lalmohan Reang

5.� Doronjoy Reang

6.� Pobitra Reang

7.� Lomenjoy Reang

8. Baiparam Reang

9.� Monbahadur Reang

10.� Gajendra reang


1.� Binanta Reang

2.� Hobendra Reang

3.� Amarjoy Reang

4.� Darendra Reang

5.� Phaiarai Reang

6.� Nirudya Reang

7.� Nibaram Reang

8.� Bidhiram Reang

9.� Chasiram Reang

10.� Dasarot Debbarma


1.� Nisu Marak

2.� Rejina Marak

3. Jupali Marak

4. Rabina Marak

5. Peskili Marak

6.� Setin Marak

7. Boirobi Marak

8. Pinkey Marak

9.� Depal Marak

10.� Kali Marak

11.� Nisen Marak

12.� Sepali Marak

13.� Bishu Marak

14.� Sajit Marak

15. Sajit Debbarma

16.� Anil Kandu

17. Sunil Kandu

18. Suma Marak


1.� Mary Marak

2.� Jehhmati Maraak

3. Telivision Marak

4.� Jerome Marak

5.� Bina Marak

6.� John Marak

7.� Pituni Marak

8. Francis Marak

9.� Nipesh Marak

10.� Rohein Marak

11.� Lojit Marak

12.� Tuni Marak

13.� Martin Marak

14.� Chitta Debbarama

15.� Santosh Marak

16.� Sapala Marak

17.� Sukim Marak

18.� Nepa Marak

19.� Supala Marak

20.� Binoth Kundu

21.� Ruma Marak

22.� Roma Marak

23.� Pera Marak

24.� Sependra Marak

25.� Polina Marak

26.� Arpana Marak

27.� Ronita Marak


1.� Miloni Marak

2.� Minato Mrak

3. Anant Amarak

4.� Ajila Marak

5.� Surojit Marak

6. Depali Marak

7. Vangmoi Darlong

8.� Teben Marak

9. Prantush Marak

10.� Menuka Marak

11. Mongolsori Marak

12. Shilpi Marak

13. Kona Debbarma

14. Kiruth Debbarma

15. Pranjoy Marak

16. Sambati Debbarma

17.Maloti Debbarma

18.Pratush  Debbarma


1. Sidhyaram Reang

2. Ambiram Reang

3. Somendra Reang

4. Ramesjoy Reang

5. Mithunjoy Reang

6. Kakhanjoy Reang

7. Motendra Reang

8. Adhinjoy Reang